Travis Perkins


Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson is an A licensed coach and has operated for many years as a coach educator in the Somerset area.

I’ve had a successful career in football coaching for many years and hold a number of UEFA and FA recognised coaching and referee qualifications. Having coached both men and women at professional and semi-professional levels it’s my passion for youth football that led me to join this Club in the Spring 2020.

I’m not attached to any particular team but will attend training sessions and matches for each age group on a rotational basis. Primarily, my role is to assist and help further develop the coaches so that they, in turn, can deliver consistently high quality coaching and challenging sessions for our players. For more information on our style of play and coaching philosophy please check out our Roles and Responsibilities on the website.

I truly believe football creates a fun learning environment which will teach your child life skills and important lessons such as teamwork, how to be resilient, and the joys of investing effort, hard work and practice in something you have passion for.

Prior to joining the Club I felt inspired and excited by what I saw. My personal energy is even higher now that I’m part of the team and I look forward to seeing our young players develop further in the year ahead.  Parents/ guardians are welcome to discuss any part of the coaching syllabus and the way it is run with me or with Paul West.

Harry Sparkes

Harry left school at the age of 17 and acquired an Sports Development Coaching and Fitness Distinction qualification at college. He has worked at one of the top schools in the UK, Millfield Preparatory and Senior School and has been coaching to gain experience and develop as a coach.

Harry has coached at a variety of different levels and has learned throughout his short career in the world of football. He coached at Yeovil FC Academy, ranging from the U9�s to the U18�s. He has acquired his level 1, 2 and UEFA B (level 3) coaching qualifications at the age of 22. He was also the Academy Manager of Operations. Organising the day-to-day academy schedule from training to the games programme.

He works at Bristol City Academy, again working in the operations department. This is his second year at Taunton Town.