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Taunton Town Football Club – Youth Development

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Taunton Town Football Club provides a youth programme for players in the Under 11 to Under 16 age groups. We offer two levels of participation:

Training Group:

This is for players who predominantly play their games for a grass roots team, but who aspire to play at a higher level. They will train with the whole of their age group and be given the opportunity for promotion to the match squad if we see the right quality, attitude and endeavour on display.

Match Programme:

This is for players who have demonstrated an ability to perform at a standard above their local grass roots league. They will form part of the squad picked to play matches in the Junior Premier League:


Our Aims and Objectives:

Our intention is that all players (training groups and match squads) will be developed to a level where they maximise their potential. However, the main aim is to develop players for the highest level of football possible; this links in with our education partner, Bridgwater & Taunton College & University Centre Somerset, so that post school year 11 players move into a college style football academy scheme.

Adopting The FA’s four corner player development model, we will:

Develop technical and tactical understanding in relation to the game (Technical/Tactical).

Create opportunities for players to improve their decision making and problem solving (Psychological).

Enable players to develop their physical attributes in relation to the game (Physical).

Guide the payers to be responsible and respectful in relation to their colleagues, coaches, their opponents, the game and their community (Social).

Our Big Challenging Goal is to be able to provide 25% of the first team squad for Taunton Town Football Club.

Safe Respect Learning:

Taunton Town Football Club acknowledges its responsibility to look after the welfare of every child and young person entrusted to its care. It is committed to working to provide a safe environment for all players, with emphasis upon promoting high standards of behaviour in sport and daily life.

How we will reach our target:

We will provide an environment where the players can express themselves without fear of making mistakes. Allied to this, we will foster a growth mind-set in terms of what is achievable for each player.

We will actively encourage the players to practise new skills and be daring in their approach to play. To underline that structure is an important facet of team play, each player will have a clear set of responsibilities for each position they might be asked to occupy.

Regular constructive feedback will be used to underline our philosophy – mainly on a verbal basis with the players, but involving parents as and when appropriate. We will always try to appreciate how our words are perceived/understood.

Our coaching will focus on four key components:

As part of the above, we’ll help the players understand the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle.

Our Selection Process:

Before each season, there will be an open invitation for players to attend our trial dates. From this, we will give each player the opportunity to join either the training group or match squad. Players from a previous season’s match squad will be expected to attend the trials. They will not be given preferential treatment when it comes to selection.

The trials will consist of a series of training sessions and practice games, where the players will be provided with opportunities to express themselves and their abilities based around: