Junior Premier League

Start of Season

Sat 31st Aug 2019

The new season is now upon us with the initial set of games for the match squads on the 7th September.

If you haven’t already done so, please familiarise yourself with the welcome pack which has been updated for 2019/2020 and can be found here.  

For the 2019/20 season fees will be £450 for match squad players and £200 for the training group.  Fees are split over 10 monthly payments, payable on the first day of each month commencing in August. This means the last payment will be made on 1 May 2020.
Also, we have a new bank account for next season and we have noticed some of you are still paying into the old account. The new details are:

    Account name: Taunton Youth FC Community Trust
    Account number: 15146685
    Sort code: 60-05-06

When setting up your payment, please use the following ref:  Age group, Initial, Player’s Surname, e.g. U15JSmith. This will help us to confirm payment for your son/daughter.

Purchase of training kit
All of the training kit is supplied by Tony Pryce Sports in Taunton and comes with printed initials to avoid losses when items are temporarily discarded.  If your son/daughter is an existing player, there is no need to replace the kit.  Please keep using it until it is too small or it wears out.  If you still do not have training kit for your child. please purchase ASAP. We are all part of the same club and players - regardless of whether they are training squad or match squad - are part of one 'unit'. Looking the part is just  a start, however a very important one.

Training nights and venues
The Winter programme training days is available on the web site here:


I have added links to the Teamer Calendar so you can sync with your own calendar on your phone.

Notification is via Teamer and the App is the best way to manage replies.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... reply to Teamer notifications promptly. It helps the coaches to plan matches and training sessions.

New parent reps
We can now share the names of the parent reps who have volunteered to assist with fundraising and communication within the teams next season.

U11s: Sara Ryan
U12s: Samantha Kirkham
U13s: Matt Willis
U14s: Lee Koppa
U15s: Melanie Bewes (Clarets) and Claire Grant (Blues)
U16s: Louise Hacker

If they approach you for help or for your points of view, please do work with them to help us make this Club the best it can be.

We are delighted that a number of local firms have agreed to sponsor the programme in different ways.  Some of these are new connections and some have agreed to continue their association after linking up with us at the start, two seasons ago.  The website has a banner on the front page with a link to the various sponsors’ own websites.  Please support them if the opportunity arises and make sure that they know you are one of our members.

Team / Sponsor Photos
There will be team photos at Taunton's Cygnet Stadium Sunday 8th September in the morning.  This is extremely important as it is the best way we can show thanks to our sponsors.

All players to wear full match kit with boots and bring their training t shirt as well. A Teamer notification will be sent out for each age group. Please respond to the Teamer to acknowledge attendance.

 Don’t forget help raise funds for Taunton Youth FC Community Trust whenever you shop online!

Use easyfundraising to shop with over 3,600 big name retailers including Amazon, Argos, M&S, NEXT, ASOS, and Booking.com – and when you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for us every time. It’s that easy! If you’re needing to buy new school uniform items for September please think about doing it through this site as the pennies really do add up.

Help support us: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/tauntyfccomtrust/

The easyfundraising App is available for iPhone.

Annual General Meeting
As a registered charity, we are required to hold an Annual General Meeting once a year.  There are some formal bits of business we have to do (such as publish our accounts, elect Trustees) but we also want to use this as an opportunity for a social evening to have some fun together.  More details will be shared in September, but for now please make a note of the date: Friday 11 October 2019 at the Wyvern Club.  We encourage parents and players to come together so do hope you can join us.

The JPL site is not the most easy to navigate. Please find listed below a URL for each of the age groups so you can go directly to your fixtures:

U11: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/clubprofile/63892/?competition_id=143639&team_id=284677

U12: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/clubprofile/63892/?competition_id=143353&team_id=284678

U13: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/clubprofile/63892/?competition_id=143409&team_id=284679

U14: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/clubprofile/63892/?competition_id=143433&team_id=284680

U15 Blues: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/clubprofile/63892/?competition_id=143461&team_id=284681

U15 Clarets: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/clubprofile/63892/?competition_id=143487&team_id=284682

U16: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/clubprofile/63892/?competition_id=143491&team_id=284683

Please feel free to bookmark and see what is ahead. The club site fixture information is taken from this. Fixtures can change without notification, so if you notice the club site does not reflect the JPL site, please let me know and I will correct / amend accordingly.

I am also prone to the odd mistake - I know, it's rare - so will appreciate the heads-up.

Match Format & Rules
The format for matches within the JPL follows 4 quarters, unless a cup match, in which case two halves are played. I will be confirming match times for the cup matches this week for each age group.

The main league rules, which are part of the FA's standard code of rules can be accessed by clicking here (https://gallery.mailchimp.com/bd09367cb60060132e6e2e6db/files/e6d9f4ab-5bbb-416d-a0d3-0c7487ad4bf9/Standard_Code_of_Rules_2019_20.pdf)

The key rules that everyone involved must know can be accessed here (https://gallery.mailchimp.com/bd09367cb60060132e6e2e6db/files/5daa73ea-304f-4007-9502-beca675d3bcb/JPL_Key_Rules_for_Season_2019.pdf)  and includes details on Sin Bins which are coming in for this season - so please feel free to familiarise yourself with the rules.

JPL Player Registrations
I appreciate many of you have been away, however I now need to complete registration for all players for the new season. I have done this in sections, so U11, U14, U15 and U16 should have received notification of how to do this via Team Talk. Please check Team Talk on Teamer and follow the instructions if you haven't already done so. 

Information for the U12's and U13's will be provided this weekend.

Finally if someone mentions they have not received the newsletter, please ask them to go to the front page of the youth web site and use the sign up link under the latest Newsletters. Copies of past Newsletters are also available.