Junior Premier League

20 - 21 JPL Registrations

Sun 23rd Aug 2020

The following was sent in the April newsletter, however it may have been missed because of  'lock-down' so  I am re-sending the information. Please action accordingly. You will need a FAN for your child to register / re-register for the new season. 

The JPL will be making use of the FA Whole Game System (WGS) for the 2020 / 21 season with a requirement for every player competing in the league is to have a FAN (FA Number). The Youth site has now been amended to allow parents to edit information relating to both themselves and their children. 

If you intend on remaining with the club, then whilst times are 'quiet' I am requesting you register your child as a player on the WGS. Information on how to do this is available via this download

If your child plays in the Taunton Youth League, they will already have a FAN and will already be registered.  For any Galmington Dragons players, please contact me via email: neil.white@galmingtondragons.com and I will check the players list on Whole Game and confirm what your child's FAN is. Once you have registered / received details of your child's FAN, please log into the club web site: here

Select: View Registration Details:

Enter the FAN number and amend any details that are  incorrect.

By updating your child's FAN, I know that contact details have been verified and are up to date.


For security, you will be asked to re-enter your User Name and password prior to accessing your personal data:

If you have and know your FAN number you can amend your user name to reflect that under parent details. Otherwise for any other user name changes please contact me as any amendments needs to be unique.

As ever, any questions or enquiries, feel free to send me an email, however, please note I am on holiday until Thursday so will not answer any emails prior to then.