Junior Premier League

November Round-Up

Mon 25th Nov 2019

Welcome to the Taunton Youth Programme November round-up. 

The response we have had to the FMS newsletter has been limited. The request was for a positive acceptance or a decline. 

In summary, working in partnership with FMS we have secured a 1 year deal where, for an annual cost of £25 + VAT per person, your child can benefit from a full year of screening and personalised advice and support to improve their mobility, flexibility and core strength.
If you haven't indicated either way, please use the voting tool here:


Details regarding FMS from the last newsletter are here:  


As we continue the development of our club the trustees are keen for us to improve the way we publicise our services. Our goal is to help young people in the Taunton area engage with football and yet we are not widely known. Many people do not know, for example, that their children can continue to play grass roots football and also come to us for additional training, development and the chance to play in the match squads.

We think we do a reasonable job of communicating internally so this is about how we raise our profile and encourage more young players to come and give us a go. We are therefore looking for someone to help us with a public relations campaign.

This is a volunteer role and will not be paid. Whoever comes forward can choose to do so on a one-off basis although we’d love for them to be part of our management committee and contribute to our longer term success. Professional qualifications are not required but someone who is happy to put forward ideas and is willing to help would be very much welcome.

We must stress this is not a role that will help us to secure sponsorship or income. We have sponsors for this season and more are already lined up for next year.

What we seek is someone to help us with tasks such as:

Making a plan to target current Year 5 & 6 pupils so that young players are aware they can join us.
Liaising with the press, e.g. match reports and pictures in the Somerset County Gazette etc.
Writing content and contributing to our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts.
Communicating with existing sponsors to make sure they feel valued for supporting us. 
If you have, or know anyone who has these skills and is keen to help us please send an email to our Chairperson, Steve Willis via beamswillis@btinternet.com - or call him via 07912 054091.

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to give back to their local community and make a positive difference to the lives of young people.

Commencing December, Nandos are once again supplying Chicken Cheques as 'Player Rewards'. This is a meal for two voucher to be used at Nandos in Taunton. We would like to thank Nando's for once again supporting the Taunton Youth Programme.


We’re pleased to announce this year’s Christmas party will take place on Sunday 15 December, 5pm at Hollywood Bowl (Taunton). All age groups will be attending at the same time, providing a chance for our players to come together as a whole club.

This is an optional activity, but we hope that everyone will attend. Parents are welcome to stay of course.

Players are requested to wear their Taunton Town training tops, but jeans/joggers are allowed.

The costs are as follows:

U11s-U13s: £7.50 each

U14s-U16s: £9.00 each

All players will get one game of bowling, squash and food (ordered on the day). The price difference reflects the older players getting an adult portion size.

Monies are to be paid in advance to the parent rep of your year group. Please do not pay any money direct to Hollywood Bowl as the Club is subsidising the costs.

Teamer invitations will be going out very soon. Please accept or decline promptly so that we have an idea of numbers.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you for the Christmas bowl on the 15th!