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Functional Movement Systems

Tue 5th Nov 2019

Here at Taunton Youth FC, preserving the health of our young people is a priority.
We have been in discussions with a company called FMS (UK) in recent months as part of an initiative to encourage our players to look after their long term health. FMS stands for Functional Movement Systems which, through the creation of profiles for individual players, aims to improve movement efficiency and mitigate against injury.
The reason for this note is to let to you know about an opportunity you may wish to opt in to.

Working in partnership with FMS we have secured a 1 year deal where, for an annual cost of £25 + VAT per person, your child can benefit from a full year of screening and personalised advice and support to improve their mobility, flexibility and core strength.
If you are interested in learning more, please read on for details about the company and the programme - even if you are not interested, please fill out the form via the link at the bottom of this message. 
Background to FMS
After two decades of working with and testing their theories with elite athletes, FMS are now refocusing their attention on schools and junior sport.
Many leading Premier League Clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Wolves use the system to assess the movement of their professional players.  In the cricket world, Worcestershire County Cricket Club and Cornwall County Cricket Club have also been operating the programme for a number of years with great success.
Why is this relevant to our young players?
The scheme aims to ensure that each and every child can move efficiently and correctly, whilst building their gross motor and football skills.  
In April, FMS ran a pilot involving four players from our youth programme and two Taunton Town first team players, Ollie Chamberlain and Lloyd Irish.  Since then, more of the first team have been tested and this work is on-going with Rob Dray’s squad.  As a testimony to its effectiveness, Ryan Brett (who thought he had a chronic injury problem with his knees) has been shown the root of the issue perhaps lies elsewhere.  Corrective activity is in place and he continues to make progress.  Also, Shane White has been working on his posture to relieve pressure on his hamstrings – and can now touch his toes freely again after a 10 year interval.
The early data produced via our own players/parents was very interesting and demonstrated that FMS could be a service that others could benefit from.
So what is FMS? What does it entail?
FMS is not a fitness system per se.  It’s a system designed to help players develop core movement patterns, balance, stability and the capacity to move efficiently.  It is also corrects poor posture and there is an important piece which focuses on education around breathing techniques.  It provides insight and experience to allow your child to spend more time on the field of play (whatever that sport/activity may be) rather than off the field treating or recovering from preventable injuries. 
What does it cost?
As mentioned above, each player pays a one-off fee of £25 + VAT which covers a 1 year period.  Please note, this money and arrangement will be directly with FMS UK.  As a club, we will not receive any commission. 
What happens next?
FMS UK will provide screening resources via our Club throughout the year.  They will initially fully screen every signed up player in the Club to establish baseline data – then follow up with further screening to assess progress and re-report and adjust individual training programmes.
Individual reports
FMS will send a report to the parents a minimum of 4 times in a year regarding screening and progress reports for their child/children.
FMS will, with parental permission, retain before and after images of selected players – showing movement baselines on the platform so that they can evidence progress.
Wider benefits for the Club
FMS have agreed to work with us to integrate movement protocols (flows) into our warm up and warm downs for matches and training sessions for all players.  We are talking about as little as 5-6 minutes work, perhaps twice a week, to start making a difference and FMS UK will work with us to make this happen by providing easy to follow instructions/videos. 
As a Club, we think there is value in a preventative programme such as this which helps players to operate to the best of their ability.  We have been given a great opportunity to become one of the first clubs outside of the elite professional/academy/public school arena to work with FMS and we are keen to get your views/reactions.
For more information, you can look here:

website: www.functionalmovement.uk.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fmsystemsuk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fmsystemsuk/
We plan to hold a registration evening in the near future when you will have the opportunity to meet with the FMS staff, see the system in operation and make immediate payment if you decide to sign-up your child for the year ahead. 
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